Left & Right, jewellers

Jewellers, Eileen & Fabian, specialise in story-telling through every piece they create.  Well known for their unusual method of giving fluid to metals, their ready-to-wear pieces are astounding, bold fashion statements. In 2015, Left & Right proudly represented Malaysia in Washington DC as one of the top 40 Global finalists for The Global Students Entrepreneurship Award. They are regularly commissioned by The Ranee Artisan Gallery to produce an exclusive range of jewellery and add finishing touches to the crafts from some of the rural areas.



Narong Daun, silk and canvas artist

One of Borneo’s finest indigenous and most sought-after Bidayuh artists, Narong Daun is self -taught and brings Sarawak’s unique flora and fauna to life using vibrant colours on silk, creating stunning scarves.  Her other artworks on canvas and silk have been exhibited in galleries and convention centres in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia, Hawaii as well as in our local libraries, museums, hotels and banks. In 2016, Narong was the artist-in-residence at the Ranee Boutique Suites, exhibiting her artworks and conducting live painting sessions. Narong produced an exclusive range of silk scarves for The Ranee Artisan Gallery, which sells at The Ranee and The Marian Boutique Lodging House gift shops.


Abot Gudang, embellisher of nature

A state treasure, Abot Gudang is a local Bidayuh artist who has mastered illustrating on non-conventional canvasses.  He works mostly with natural, organic materials and often features his distinctive Orang Ulu motifs on seeds, leaves and pieces of driftwood giving nature a subtle Sarawakian touch. Abot has painted components for the seed jewellery, wooden spoons and pepper bottles sold exclusively at the two gift shops.



Helping Hands Penan, basket weaving

A collaboration between the Ranee Artisan Gallery and Helping Hands, an NGO who helps the nomadic Penan tribe in Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo to create, develop and produce exquisite hand-woven baskets.  Their artfully woven colourful baskets are renowned for their design and quality and are marketed not just locally, but overseas.  All proceeds are channelled back to them to help their community’s sustainability, provide education and create job opportunities.