A taste of Sarawak’s black and white pepper, carefully handpicked by farmers from one of the best pepper regions of Sarawak– Betong division. These unique baskets are hand-woven from locally sourced bamboo and benefit Sarawak Association for the Welfare of Intellectually Disabled Children (PERKATA).



A traditional rice wine from Sarawak, made from fermented glutinous rice, yeast, water and sugar, indigenous to the natives of Sarawak (Borneo).

The Ranee Tuak is carefully home-brewed by the 4th generation brewer originating from the village of Banting, Sarawak  using traditional rituals and methods that ensure its fine quality.  It is a light golden colour when bottled and gradually matures to a dark honey colour as its flavours develop a more complex richness with subtle hints of caramel and butterscotch. A wonderful aperitif or a dessert drink, it is best served chilled.

The colourful beaded collar is a mini replica of the Marik Empang, commonly worn by the Iban maiden at any occasion or festival that requires her to wear the traditional costumes. Usually red in colour, it is always worn when performing The ‘ngajat’ (traditional Iban dance) adorning the bosom and shoulder of the dancer. These mini replicas are made by the women group from one of many longhouses in Betong area.



100% Pure.  A tangy, sweet runny honey, with a hint of wood and wild flower.

It has a high propolis content said to boost the immune system and improve energy and strength, is rich in antioxidant and used by the locals as anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal/fungus and anti-bacterial remedies.