With a Bachelor of Arts degree in printed textiles for Fashion and a Diploma in Interior Design, Rosemarie has always had a lifelong passion for indigenous handicrafts and heritage buildings.  As the owner and creative designer of The Ranee Boutique Suites, The Marian Boutique Lodging House, The Granary Kitchen + Bar and The Ranee Artisan Gallery, Rosemarie’ has a definite mission:  to create, connect and collaborate with local artisans to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of preservation of crafts, heritage, helping to promote self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship in our developing economy.




The Ranee Gift Gallery was initially set up in 2012 to benefit independent and rural artisans and the mentally and physically challenged young people of Kuching.  Some of the items sold were made by the children themselves, and others were produced to benefit several local charitable organisations.  Rosemarie now owns two gift shops: one at the Ranee Boutique Suites and the other at the Marian Boutique Lodging House, both in Kuching. The next logical step was to set up a wider platform to showcase the growing number of arts and crafts that attracted Rosemarie’s keen eye. The Ranee Artisan Gallery came into being in 2018 and is poised to become an online facility, which will enable the world to enjoy the extraordinary artisanal talents found in Sarawak.